Forensic Psychologist, Author, Speaker

I have spent over 20 years in the assessment and treatment of mental health disorders in individual and group therapy, and criminal and civil law.

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Hello! I’m Dr. Leslie Dobson

M.S., M.A., Psy.D

Discrete and available for concierge services.

I have spent over 20 years in the assessment and treatment of mental health disorders in individual and group therapy, and criminal and civil law. My experience ranges from mild life adjustments to severe and persistent mental health struggles. 50% of my practice focuses on evidence-based clinical intervention for trauma. 50% of my practice is focused on civil litigation and personal injury, assessing the validity and truthfulness and post-injury emotional, cognitive, and behavioral functioning.

Areas of Practice


Individual Therapy

I believe in the power of human connection, and I think individual psychotherapy is a necessity in life. I approach each client differently, helping them meet goals through a comfortable and joyful therapeutic relationship.


Forensic Assessment

Civil litigation, personal injury evaluation and damage assessment; criminal evaluation, competency, mentally disordered offender, not guilty by reason of insanity, sexually violent predator. Expert evaluation, record review, collateral interview, report, deposition, testimony.


Speaking and Training

I am available for speaking engagements, training, and de-briefing. Recently, I have spoken on the psychology of motivation, threat assessment and management, personality styles, and the assessment of functional impairment post-injury in civil litigation.

Therapy is a relationship.

A therapeutic relationship!

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Look past the motivation, and focus on the momentum.

Live your best life.


Dr. Leslie is amazing. She has the ability to really see me, no BS, and motivate me to fix things in my life and make life better.

Anonymous Client

Dr. Dobson helped me understand what PTSD was and how I could start healing. I don't get nightmares anymore. I can flashbacks a couple of times a week but they don't consume my mind anymore.

Anonymous Client

Dr. Dobson was an excellent Expert for our legal team. Dr. Dobson was knowledgeable, poised, and able to articulate complex psychological findings to the jury, in a jargon-free language they appreciated.

Anonymous Attorney

I get so excited for my sessions with Leslie! She really listens to me and she is so funny. I love her stories and how they help make sense of my life.

Anonymous Client

Dear Leslie Dobson, M.Sc., M.A., Psy.D., I had such a great time having you on our Product League floor! Thank you for this important knowledge sharing ✨.

Product League

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The following is part of my autobiography in "The Friend Cleanse" Book

"I grew up with a prison around me, and I placed the external world in a prison to protect myself. Once I realized this as an adult, I broke through the prison walls and I feel free. I am excited about living my life without restraints or walls. I am truly able to say that I feel authentic, present, and self-aware.

I hope more than anything that my client's never feel unlovable, helpless, or hopeless. I want my clients to feel strength in their confidence. I want to instill self-esteem and teach resiliency.

I chose to write this book because I wanted to show my journey to anyone that could benefit. I want everyone to see that with great pain comes amazing clarity and empowerment, an ability to cleanly and confidently control your life and those who are within it. You can control how people impact you and the realistic, grounded vision of how you will interact with the world. There are genuinely toxic people in this world, but they do not have to bleed into you. They do not get to suck you dry, like an energy vampire. You have the ability to set physical and emotional boundaries around you, and you can decide on when you care, and how much you care ... or if you don’t care at all.

Please, do not live your life in a prison. Don’t put others in a prison. Learn to trust and know that you have the capacity within you to be as tough as a prison wall, while still being free flowing with your energy and your emotions, and able to connect with others."

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