What Are Interpersonal Skills?

person sitting in a chair in front of a man

Here’s what interpersonal skills are, why they matter and how you can develop them. Interpersonal skills are the behaviors people demonstrate when effectively interacting with others. Commonly referred to as “people skills,” these communication tactics can be signaled verbally and non-verbally in both one-on-one and group dynamics. Highly transferable across industries, interpersonal skills are a…

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Feeling ‘touched out’ as a parent? Here’s how to cope…

person holding baby's index finger

As a parent, being physically touched or needed all day can be overwhelming. Here’s why you feel “touched out” and what to do about it. “I spend my days over-stimulated with the stories of others, and when I get home I feel guilty that I don’t want to cuddle with the kids,” says Leslie Dobson,…

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How to Protect Your Energy From Toxic Workplaces, Draining Convo, & Bad Vibes

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What exactly does “protecting your energy” mean, though? It isn’t just about declining an invite or leaving a function in dint of a low social battery. Maintaining full, healthy energy provides us with higher dopamine levels, leading to a happier life. “We are going to be more able to put the energy in real, true…

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12 Anxiety Relief Products From TikTok That’ll Help You Shake It Off

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“Anxiety is often defined as excessive worry, but there is a lot more to the emotion. Anxiety can present itself as fatigue, irritability, restlessness, sadness, and an inability to concentrate. Anxiety can range from very mild to severe,” says clinical and forensic psychologist Dr. Leslie Dobson, M.S., M.A., Psy.D. Read the article containing excellent suggestions…

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The Friend Cleanse – How to identify energy vampires, set boundaries & balance your glass of life

A bit about Dr. Leslie Dobson’s soon to be published book: “The Friend Cleanse – “How to identify energy vampires, set boundaries & balance your glass of life” The Friend Cleanse is a process to take back control of your life. Do you constantly feel drained? Not enough energy to get through the day? Are…

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Sunday Morning Coffee Podcast – Interview about Dr. Leslie Dobson’s Upcoming Book: The Friend Cleanse

White Mug with a hand

Dr. Leslie Dobson is a clinical and forensic psychologist who started her career in a prison working with some of the most dangerous inmates imaginable and is now about to release her first book called The Friend Cleanse. We discuss her early career working in a prison, what forensic psychology is, PTSD, setting boundaries with…

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The Benefits Of Using A Family Approach For Treating Schizophrenia

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Enduring a mental health disorder is terrifying, and schizophrenia and often referred to as a life of horror, questioning your surroundings and people. It is easy to judge individuals who are struggling with schizophrenia, but be kind. Read the full article on Medium.com Dr. Leslie Dobson is a clinical and forensic psychologist in California. She…

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