Understanding Socratic Questioning: A Comprehensive Guide

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Some people leave a very long mark on the world, and Socrates is definitely one of those people. He was a Greek philosopher from the 5th century BC, but still today, we use some of his teachings. Socratic questioning is one example of how Socrates lives on. What exactly is it, and why is it…

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What to Do When You’re All Alone on Christmas

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When you find yourself alone on Christmas, it’s important to remember you can still have a festive season. Start by embracing self-care, indulge in your favorite holiday activities, reach out to friends or online communities, or simply create new traditions. You’re not alone in feeling alone on Christmas, and there are many ways to make…

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Women In Wellness: Dr Leslie Dobson On The Five Lifestyle Tweaks That Will Help Support People’s Journey Towards Better Wellbeing

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Trust your gut and intuition, because it has value. Our society has taught women to question themselves and their abilities, subtly or directly. It is a part of humanity to have doubt, but I wish I understood that the gut was guiding me toward safety, health, and greatness. Read Full Article on Medium.com here.

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The Need for New & Creative Approaches to Interviewing

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“Base Interviews on Real-World Job Scenarios”   Leslie Dobson is a successful entrepreneur and psychologist who understands the anxiety and stress that candidates experience while interviewing. One of the biggest challenges that Dobson sees is candidates being placed in uncomfortable situations during interviews that aren’t even job-related. For her, the best way to get a feel…

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What Are Interpersonal Skills?

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Here’s what interpersonal skills are, why they matter and how you can develop them. Interpersonal skills are the behaviors people demonstrate when effectively interacting with others. Commonly referred to as “people skills,” these communication tactics can be signaled verbally and non-verbally in both one-on-one and group dynamics. Highly transferable across industries, interpersonal skills are a…

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Feeling ‘touched out’ as a parent? Here’s how to cope…

person holding baby's index finger

As a parent, being physically touched or needed all day can be overwhelming. Here’s why you feel “touched out” and what to do about it. “I spend my days over-stimulated with the stories of others, and when I get home I feel guilty that I don’t want to cuddle with the kids,” says Leslie Dobson,…

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How to Protect Your Energy From Toxic Workplaces, Draining Convo, & Bad Vibes

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What exactly does “protecting your energy” mean, though? It isn’t just about declining an invite or leaving a function in dint of a low social battery. Maintaining full, healthy energy provides us with higher dopamine levels, leading to a happier life. “We are going to be more able to put the energy in real, true…

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The Friend Cleanse – How to identify energy vampires, set boundaries & balance your glass of life

A bit about Dr. Leslie Dobson’s soon to be published book: “The Friend Cleanse – “How to identify energy vampires, set boundaries & balance your glass of life” The Friend Cleanse is a process to take back control of your life. Do you constantly feel drained? Not enough energy to get through the day? Are…

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Introvert Insights

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It is important to be able to know who you are at your core, and honor that in situations and relationships that you engage in. Read the full article here.

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Three parts of life that fade during a pandemic.

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I propose three elements of human life that fade during a pandemic: (1) community, (2) purpose, and (3) stimulation. Prior to the pandemic, most people had a strong sense of community. They had family, friends, and strong social networks that they interacted with on a regular basis. Many people were enjoying life, feeling happy, and…

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