Dr. Leslie is amazing. She has the ability to really see me, no BS, and motivate me to fix things in my life and make life better.

Anonymous Client

Dr. Dobson helped me understand what PTSD was and how I could start healing. I don't get nightmares anymore. I can flashbacks a couple of times a week but they don't consume my mind anymore.

Anonymous Client

Dr. Dobson was an excellent Expert for our legal team. Dr. Dobson was knowledgeable, poised, and able to articulate complex psychological findings to the jury, in a jargon-free language they appreciated.

Anonymous Attorney

I get so excited for my sessions with Leslie! She really listens to me and she is so funny. I love her stories and how they help make sense of my life.

Anonymous Client

Dear Leslie Dobson, M.Sc., M.A., Psy.D., I had such a great time having you on our Product League floor! Thank you for this important knowledge sharing ✨.

Product League