The Friend Cleanse Sphere

by Dr. Leslie Dobson

The Friend Cleanse is a process to take back control of your life. Do you constantly feel drained? Not enough energy to get through the day? Are your relationships taking more from you than giving to you? Then you need a Friend Cleanse! Within this book you will discover how to identify people and their energy, and then strategically place them around your sphere based on if they add or subtract from your quality of life (i.e., energy). Your time is precious, and learning how to establish healthy boundaries is crucial to living a balanced life. It is time to save your life.

The Friend Cleanse is an opportunity to pause life and say, “I do not have to be in relationships because of pressure or force. I can stand back and say, “This is how I want my life, and this is what I want it to look like.” You can take control of your life by deciding who is in your inner circle, and both strategically and in your imagination, place people around you.

Use the plus icon to add yourself, and then use it again and again to add friends, with their names and if they add or subtract from your energy. Once you move them around on the sphere, you will see the energy in your glass fill or lower!